X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 Trailer & Storyline

Film action begins in near future (2023). The program of “Guards” created by the Government of the USA for catching of mutants, has rebelled, when has started to find “sleeping” mutational genes and in usual people. Now the whole world lies in ruins, and the survived people and mutants contain in concentration camps. Unique who […]

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance HD Trailer

Action is developed on boondocks of the Eastern Europe where protagonist Johnny Blaze unsuccessfully tries to consult with the damnation. It is employed by a certain sect which tries to catch a devil while he tries to be installed in a body of its mortal son on birthday of the boy. [youtube]jt8lo3jEKBo[/youtube] The movie will […]

Hanna 2011 HD Movie Trailer

14-year-old Hanna has grown in wood in the north of Sweden. She does not know that such the Internet, television, a make-up, fashionable clothes and dialogue with contemporaries, but is not afraid of a cold and hunger, easily can hit from onions big game and owns such receptions against which well trained people cannot resist […]

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 On Stranger Tides Trailer

In a modern history about true searches, treachery, eternal youth and danger of death captain Jack Sparrow should face the woman from the past Angelica. To the end it will not be clear, whether their true love connects, or Angelica skilfully pretends to be, that together with Jack to reach a mysterious source of eternal […]

Arthur Movie Review HD trailer

Meet worlds only loveable billionaire. Arthur Bech, getting to vital scrapes, always relied on two things: the huge fortune and judiciousness of own nurse Hobson. But now it should make a choice between a marriage of convenience which even more will strengthen its financial position, and uncertain future with the only thing that it is […]

Thor Movie Description and Trailer

The epic adventure occurs both on our mother Earth, and in dream kingdom of gods of Asgarde. In the history centre — Mighty Torahs, strong, but the haughty soldier, whose reckless acts revive ancient war in Asgarde. A Torah exile to the Earth, deprive of forces and force to live among usual people as punishment. […]

Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Trailer

The panda PO, the greatest in the world the fan of a kung fu, continues the travel, as well as the ancient prophecy says, mastering kung fu art. [youtube]YdaMGcOyfjM[/youtube] Great movie for kids.

Largo Winch II – The Burma Conspiracy Trailer

After murder of reception father Largo Vinch becomes the president of a group of companies “W Group”. But the role of the manager of huge corporation does not approach Largo, therefore he declares sale “W Group” and creation of humanitarian fund which will be headed by the old friend of his father. In day when […]

The Book of Eli Preview HD Trailer

In a film “The Book of Eli” events after the universal accident which have transformed America in naked desert are described. Wise Eli – the lonely wanderer, it wanders on deserted roads where continually represent danger the gangster groupings conflicting among themselves for water and bread. Once Eli arrives to terrible edges where California once […]

Drama Movie Amelia Trailer

The movie “Amelia” is based on real events and narrates about the first American woman – the pilot who has flown Atlantic ocean. The main heroine of a film – Amelia Erhart – the brave pilot and the legendary woman. Attempt to make round-the-world flight has not got married success. In 1937 during flight through […]

Famous James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer

The marine with the paralysed feet goes to search for happiness on a planet of Pandora where earth dwellers extract natural minerals. He also does not assume that this completely not peace employment, and to extract minerals, it is necessary to kill planet indigenous population. But our hero with it does not agree. In roles: […]

2010 Movie Human Target Trailer

Is based on with the same name popular comics. He/she is the insurgent, in which centre Christopher Chens (it Mark Velli plays, known to us on a serial “Fringe”) – the unique private bodyguard whom have employed for life protection. When in accordance with the circumstances there is no possibility to protect a life of […]

Tooth Fairy (2010) Review and Trailer Video

Severe and furious hockey player Dereka Thompson often call «the Tooth fairy» – guess why. For the teeth beaten out on ice arena it does not give money to the contenders, and it is necessary, after all the real tooth fairies sharpen for a long time on it a tooth. [youtube]JqnjK79fGSw[/youtube]

The State Within Review

The State Within – one of the best television films which have been removed by broadcasting company BBC during the last years. An opening scene – very realistic wreck of the air liner flying to London. Our hero – sir Mark Brajdon, the unperturbable British ambassador in Washington. Mark not only should settle the international […]

2012: Doomsday Movie Trailer

An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors. [youtube]7A03Ct4qyFE[/youtube]

Moon 2112 Russian Movie

Sam’s contract comes to an end: it has spent three years on the Moon, watching for the automated station on extraction of rare gas. Three long years in full loneliness, short of speaking robot GERTI, can change any. For two weeks before returning to the earth Sam meets the relief – the person as like […]

I Love You, Man 2009 Comedy

Successful realtor Peter Kleven at last has made the proposal to the woman of the dream and has there and then faced an unexpected problem. It does not have the best friend who can charge the important mission of the best man on wedding. After a train of specific appointments Peter at last has found […]

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Trailer and Review

Nice bachelor, who anything bad does not see in tearing with several women simultaneously on a multiport conference, can easily destroy wedding of the younger brother, but phantoms of its former thrown girlfriends decide to prevent it. They take it on teaching and cheerful journey through unfortunate relations to learn, that has transformed the protagonist […]

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra trailer movie

The hi-tech international military division based in Europe throws down a challenge of ominous corporation, owned by the well-known weapon baron so struggle of elite members of swat against elite villains begins. [youtube]C_SFsxTjJzg[/youtube]

Tropic Thunder 2008 Movie Review

Camera, Lights, Action! In real jungle there pass shootings of a superblockbuster with participation of the big stars, among which: the abrupt hero of insurgents, the master of toilet humour, black rapper Alpa Chino and the owner of all film awards, specially for a film recoloured a skin in black colour. When at producers money […]

Open Season 2 2008 Animation Movie

Bug and Eliot is waited by new mad adventures! Eliot without memory has fallen in love in Giselle, but it should descend from the road conducting to an altar when Mr. Uini is abducted by the spoilt pets whom going to return to its owners. Bug, Eliot, Maxkizi, Beggy and other inhabitants of wood develop […]

Transsiberian Movie 2008

The couple of the Americans travelling on Trans-Siberian ZD from China to Moscow, gets acquainted in a way with one pair diversifying their trip by deceits and murder. [youtube]_5MUTPx_SIY[/youtube]

Step Brothers Trailer 2008

The movie will tell about two overage loosers which live till now with the parents, on one on the hero. Once ancestors nevertheless have met and have undersigned, and each of characters has found out, that it had a stepbrother. Here fun also begins… [youtube]ANjenc4W1_Q[/youtube]

Pineapple Express Movie Review

The fan of a grass it becomes casual the witness of murder and, having taken the friend, same looser as he, tries to fall down from a city, being rescued from Bad Guys. Business smells as kerosene, after all the mafia has decided to make friends silent for ever. [youtube]bYg2EJLJids[/youtube]

Review of Deception Movie 2008

Jonathan McQuarry does not live – it does not have girl, there is no family, friends, and only career moves it. Once having sat up late at office, it gets acquainted with charismatic and brisk young lawyer Wyatt Bose. They quickly find common language, and here Jonathan already in a night club in an environment […]

My Sassy Girl Review and Video Trailer

Charlie Bellow – the young and constraining pupil of college who never was in anybody is enamoured. His life sharply varies, when it helps beautiful girl Jordan to get out of a heavy sincere condition. In gratitude Jordan dares at engagement with Charlie which in turn even also does not represent, how many tests it […]

Death Race Movie Review and Trailer 2008

Triple champion-racer Jensen Ames is planted in prison for murder which did not make. Instead of setting it free, jailers force it together with most criminals to participate in bloody competition. Having appeared at the wheel the monstrous car equipped with automatic machines, flame throwers and grenade cup discharges, this desperate person will destroy all […]

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Review

Bewitched by the magician, the ruthless Chinese emperor-dragon should spend eternity in oblivion. It 10 000 soldiers have turned to terracotta soldiers. However when adventurer Alex O’Connell casually clears up the master from eternal hibernation, he is compelled to search the help at unique people, which know how to cope with the revived dead persons: […]

Ninja Cheerleaders Movie Review 2008

Three made in all cheerleaders finishing the first semester in usual college Los Lamas Malas, for a short time interval should cope with weight of affairs. For example, they should pass examinations that them have accepted in Ivy League University, to dance in support group on the important game and to rescue the Sensei from […]

Drillbit Taylor 2008 movie review and trailer

In this hilarious comedy improbably ridiculous Owen Wilson plays Drillbit Taylor – the mercenary who has not taken place in the past, the expert-impostor on fighting arts. Three bothanics, dreaming to revenge the offenders – to a two school – for ridiculous money employ Drillbit as the bodyguard and receive exactly that, for what have […]

The Warlords movie with Jet Li review

In the plot centre – three friends, one of which becomes the general of the Chinese army, and then asks “brothers” to help to suppress to it the well-known revolt. Also the woman is got mixed up in history – the wife of one of friends from whom general Ma has a novel. [youtube]wK_iBqODSkw[/youtube]

The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon review

Wanted Movie Review plus video trailer

25-year-old Wesley Allan Gibson once was the freeloader most dissatisfied with a life on the earth. Its boss constantly rebuked him, its girl did not pay to it attention, and his life gradually turned to the vegetative. All have been assured, that this looser never will achieve nothing. Wesley Allan Gibsonthe one and only prospect […]

80 Minutes Movie Review

Birthday – a holiday? Only not for Alex. Instead of the promised pie from beloved Mony, Alex receives a dose of deadly poison from mafia businessman Walter. Such severe by Walter has demanded to repay its a debt, and now at Alex remains only 80 minutes to get money and to rescue to itself a […]

The Chaser 2008 Movie review and video

Dzhong-Hu – were detective, and nowadays the souteneur with financial problems as a little from its girls on a call recently have disappeared, not having repaid debts. Trying to search for them, it finds a trace, that all disappeared whore were called by the same client whom now there is one of its girls… [youtube]NE-f-8AdFFQ[/youtube]

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Review

Sam and its big brother Michael – the American teenagers with typically American interests. But after they have moved with mum to Charles’s silent small town Santa, in the State of California, all around suddenly starts to vary enigmatically. To Michael there are strange changes, and his mother is frightened strongly by such unexpected transformation […]

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy Review

Harry Pendereki, the author of films-horrors, appears out of work and only from the party observes of an event in Hollywood. Within already several years he did not create hit films, and the majority of the people occupied in this business, including its close friends, consider, that it has exhausted. Harry is given last chance […]

Comedy Leatherheads Review and Video

1925. Dodge Konneli – the charming, impudent captain of a soccer team who is full of resoluteness to make the command of the lowest level known across all America. While players lose the sponsor, and the league is on the verge of disorder, Dodge convinces the star player from college will join its crowd. He […]

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Review

After ancient the armistice between mankind and the secret world has been broken, on the Earth the hell will just about be opened wide. The ruthless leader, accepted in both worlds, throws down a challenge of the blood and clears up invincible army of monsters on light. Time has come, Hellboy starts to battle to […]

Wargames: The Dead Code (2008) Review and Trailer

Computer hacker Will Farmer will simulate attack of terrorists to which governmental computer Ripli will react. Behind a head of the player hunting immediately begins: after all Ripley it is created for revealing of socially dangerous types and their neutralisation. The state machinery paranoia is so great, that it with pleasure would set each inhabitant […]