X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 Trailer & Storyline

Film action begins in near future (2023). The program of “Guards” created by the Government of the USA for catching of mutants, has rebelled, when has started to find “sleeping” mutational genes and in usual people. Now the whole world lies in ruins, and the survived people and mutants contain in concentration camps. Unique who […]

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance HD Trailer

Action is developed on boondocks of the Eastern Europe where protagonist Johnny Blaze unsuccessfully tries to consult with the damnation. It is employed by a certain sect which tries to catch a devil while he tries to be installed in a body of its mortal son on birthday of the boy. [youtube]jt8lo3jEKBo[/youtube] The movie will […]

Hanna 2011 HD Movie Trailer

14-year-old Hanna has grown in wood in the north of Sweden. She does not know that such the Internet, television, a make-up, fashionable clothes and dialogue with contemporaries, but is not afraid of a cold and hunger, easily can hit from onions big game and owns such receptions against which well trained people cannot resist […]

Largo Winch II – The Burma Conspiracy Trailer

After murder of reception father Largo Vinch becomes the president of a group of companies “W Group”. But the role of the manager of huge corporation does not approach Largo, therefore he declares sale “W Group” and creation of humanitarian fund which will be headed by the old friend of his father. In day when […]

2010 Movie Human Target Trailer

Is based on with the same name popular comics. He/she is the insurgent, in which centre Christopher Chens (it Mark Velli plays, known to us on a serial “Fringe”) – the unique private bodyguard whom have employed for life protection. When in accordance with the circumstances there is no possibility to protect a life of […]

2012: Doomsday Movie Trailer

An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors. [youtube]7A03Ct4qyFE[/youtube]

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra trailer movie

The hi-tech international military division based in Europe throws down a challenge of ominous corporation, owned by the well-known weapon baron so struggle of elite members of swat against elite villains begins. [youtube]C_SFsxTjJzg[/youtube]

Death Race Movie Review and Trailer 2008

Triple champion-racer Jensen Ames is planted in prison for murder which did not make. Instead of setting it free, jailers force it together with most criminals to participate in bloody competition. Having appeared at the wheel the monstrous car equipped with automatic machines, flame throwers and grenade cup discharges, this desperate person will destroy all […]

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Review

Bewitched by the magician, the ruthless Chinese emperor-dragon should spend eternity in oblivion. It 10 000 soldiers have turned to terracotta soldiers. However when adventurer Alex O’Connell casually clears up the master from eternal hibernation, he is compelled to search the help at unique people, which know how to cope with the revived dead persons: […]

The Warlords movie with Jet Li review

In the plot centre – three friends, one of which becomes the general of the Chinese army, and then asks “brothers” to help to suppress to it the well-known revolt. Also the woman is got mixed up in history – the wife of one of friends from whom general Ma has a novel. [youtube]wK_iBqODSkw[/youtube]

Wanted Movie Review plus video trailer

25-year-old Wesley Allan Gibson once was the freeloader most dissatisfied with a life on the earth. Its boss constantly rebuked him, its girl did not pay to it attention, and his life gradually turned to the vegetative. All have been assured, that this looser never will achieve nothing. Wesley Allan Gibsonthe one and only prospect […]

80 Minutes Movie Review

Birthday – a holiday? Only not for Alex. Instead of the promised pie from beloved Mony, Alex receives a dose of deadly poison from mafia businessman Walter. Such severe by Walter has demanded to repay its a debt, and now at Alex remains only 80 minutes to get money and to rescue to itself a […]

The Chaser 2008 Movie review and video

Dzhong-Hu – were detective, and nowadays the souteneur with financial problems as a little from its girls on a call recently have disappeared, not having repaid debts. Trying to search for them, it finds a trace, that all disappeared whore were called by the same client whom now there is one of its girls… [youtube]NE-f-8AdFFQ[/youtube]

Pistol Whipped Movie with Steven Seagal

The life of former police elite division Matt (Stephen Sigal) goes downhill. Bent for to alcohol, gamblings, gambling-debts – the fatal passions which are not issued from the fetters. But there is for the sake of what it still keeps afloat – his daughter and passionate desire to become more less decent father. And when […]

Review of Hancock (2008) movie with Will Smith

There are heroes, there are superheroes, and there is Hancock. The possession superabilities assumes responsibility, all know it – except it. It undertakes any problem with soul and the best intentions, rescues lives of people – by inhuman destructions and an incalculable damage. Eventually, the patience of the public comes to an end: people are […]

The Shepherd: Border Patrol Movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme

The former mercenaries of special division of the American armies develop the plan on import on territory of the USA of an enormous consignment of drugs. Inspired with a fast profit, they try to carry out a heroin transportation through the Mexican border. And unique who rises at, them on a way is a patrolman […]

Iron Man Review

To survive after accident ingenious engineer Toni Stark it is compelled to create to itself a special suit for life maintenance. Soon he decides to use the suit stuffed with the newest technologies for struggle against criminality. Who in the childhood did not read comics? I did not read. Only once, when laid in hospital, […]

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

1957, heat of cold war. The Soviet soldiers headed by agent Shpalko, abduct Marion – an old beloved of Indiana of Johns, putting the professor before a choice: inactivity and death Marion or the help to the Soviet investigation in search of a legendary Crystal skull in exchange for freedom of the woman. [youtube]lPTJ4v6KPrg[/youtube]

Get Smart 2008

Confidential agent Maksvell the Smart receives the task to neutralise the criminal grouping known under the code name “CHAOS”. In a tandem with terribly beautiful girl, the Agent 99, using absolutely small operational experience and still a smaller stock of time, the Smart should neutralise independently “CHAOS” if he wants that tomorrow has come.

The Incredible Hulk Review

Bruce Banner has left on a bottom, preferring not to be shone and search for antidote from the illness. But dogs of the war, dreaming to catch such improbable weapon in the hands, do not wish to leave him alone, having spat on expectations Bruce to while away a century with the unique woman whom […]