Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Trailer

The panda PO, the greatest in the world the fan of a kung fu, continues the travel, as well as the ancient prophecy says, mastering kung fu art. [youtube]YdaMGcOyfjM[/youtube] Great movie for kids.

Open Season 2 2008 Animation Movie

Bug and Eliot is waited by new mad adventures! Eliot without memory has fallen in love in Giselle, but it should descend from the road conducting to an altar when Mr. Uini is abducted by the spoilt pets whom going to return to its owners. Bug, Eliot, Maxkizi, Beggy and other inhabitants of wood develop […]

Kung Fu Panda Review

Panda Po – one of the laziest animals in the Peace Valley. But once danger starts to threaten paradise existence of the Valley: the powerful enemy has turned on it the look. Henceforth all hope for occurrence of the hero owning fighting arts that can banish the enemy. When On involuntarily gets on tournament of […]