Transsiberian Movie 2008

The couple of the Americans travelling on Trans-Siberian ZD from China to Moscow, gets acquainted in a way with one pair diversifying their trip by deceits and murder. [youtube]_5MUTPx_SIY[/youtube]

Pineapple Express Movie Review

The fan of a grass it becomes casual the witness of murder and, having taken the friend, same looser as he, tries to fall down from a city, being rescued from Bad Guys. Business smells as kerosene, after all the mafia has decided to make friends silent for ever. [youtube]bYg2EJLJids[/youtube]

The Chaser 2008 Movie review and video

Dzhong-Hu – were detective, and nowadays the souteneur with financial problems as a little from its girls on a call recently have disappeared, not having repaid debts. Trying to search for them, it finds a trace, that all disappeared whore were called by the same client whom now there is one of its girls… [youtube]NE-f-8AdFFQ[/youtube]