Thor Movie Description and Trailer

The epic adventure occurs both on our mother Earth, and in dream kingdom of gods of Asgarde. In the history centre — Mighty Torahs, strong, but the haughty soldier, whose reckless acts revive ancient war in Asgarde. A Torah exile to the Earth, deprive of forces and force to live among usual people as punishment. […]

Drama Movie Amelia Trailer

The movie “Amelia” is based on real events and narrates about the first American woman – the pilot who has flown Atlantic ocean. The main heroine of a film – Amelia Erhart – the brave pilot and the legendary woman. Attempt to make round-the-world flight has not got married success. In 1937 during flight through […]

2010 Movie Human Target Trailer

Is based on with the same name popular comics. He/she is the insurgent, in which centre Christopher Chens (it Mark Velli plays, known to us on a serial “Fringe”) – the unique private bodyguard whom have employed for life protection. When in accordance with the circumstances there is no possibility to protect a life of […]

The State Within Review

The State Within – one of the best television films which have been removed by broadcasting company BBC during the last years. An opening scene – very realistic wreck of the air liner flying to London. Our hero – sir Mark Brajdon, the unperturbable British ambassador in Washington. Mark not only should settle the international […]

Transsiberian Movie 2008

The couple of the Americans travelling on Trans-Siberian ZD from China to Moscow, gets acquainted in a way with one pair diversifying their trip by deceits and murder. [youtube]_5MUTPx_SIY[/youtube]

Review of Deception Movie 2008

Jonathan McQuarry does not live – it does not have girl, there is no family, friends, and only career moves it. Once having sat up late at office, it gets acquainted with charismatic and brisk young lawyer Wyatt Bose. They quickly find common language, and here Jonathan already in a night club in an environment […]

My Sassy Girl Review and Video Trailer

Charlie Bellow – the young and constraining pupil of college who never was in anybody is enamoured. His life sharply varies, when it helps beautiful girl Jordan to get out of a heavy sincere condition. In gratitude Jordan dares at engagement with Charlie which in turn even also does not represent, how many tests it […]

The Warlords movie with Jet Li review

In the plot centre – three friends, one of which becomes the general of the Chinese army, and then asks “brothers” to help to suppress to it the well-known revolt. Also the woman is got mixed up in history – the wife of one of friends from whom general Ma has a novel. [youtube]wK_iBqODSkw[/youtube]

The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon review

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Review

After ancient the armistice between mankind and the secret world has been broken, on the Earth the hell will just about be opened wide. The ruthless leader, accepted in both worlds, throws down a challenge of the blood and clears up invincible army of monsters on light. Time has come, Hellboy starts to battle to […]

Wargames: The Dead Code (2008) Review and Trailer

Computer hacker Will Farmer will simulate attack of terrorists to which governmental computer Ripli will react. Behind a head of the player hunting immediately begins: after all Ripley it is created for revealing of socially dangerous types and their neutralisation. The state machinery paranoia is so great, that it with pleasure would set each inhabitant […]

Solstice (2008) Movie Review

After Megan under mysterious circumstances loses sister-bliznjashku, it with friends goes to the parental house at lake a little to distract and observe the summer solstice, the traditional local phenomenon. It is said that during a solstice live it is the most easier to contact with the died. Intrigued with this news, Megan is inspired […]

Meet Bill 2008 movie review

Bill’s suddenly quiet life turns to hurricane of events which destroys everything that he achieved in the life. All begins that the wife changes to it with the known TV presenter. As consequence Bill loses interest to the perspective work in bank. It seems, that nothing can be changed to the best. But Bill does […]

Review of Hancock (2008) movie with Will Smith

There are heroes, there are superheroes, and there is Hancock. The possession superabilities assumes responsibility, all know it – except it. It undertakes any problem with soul and the best intentions, rescues lives of people – by inhuman destructions and an incalculable damage. Eventually, the patience of the public comes to an end: people are […]

Sex and the City Movie Review

Carrie Bradshaw, the known writer and the author all a favorite fashionable newspaper column, comes back again, and its invariable self-irony and wit, probably, even became even brighter and more appreciable. She continues to tell the history about sex, love and other delights of a life an afflicted fashion of the unmarried woman of New […]

The Savages 2007 Movie Review

The last, that the brother and sister Sevedzhi in the life would like to make – to look back on the past. Playwright Wend Sevedzh spends time in dispatch of petitions for financial support of its work, larceny of a stationery and a love intrigue with very married the neighbour. The professor of college John […]

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

The XX-th century beginning. Ireland is captured by excitements and desperate struggle for independence. The British parts urged to suppress revolt at any cost. Young doctor Demien goes to London where it is waited by a good place, but on platform sees, how the British soldier beats the conductor. Revolted to depth of soul, Damian […]