Urmel voll in Fahrt review

Once professor Habakuk has found strange egg from which small dinosaur Ympy who was grown fond both people, and by animals … hatched on island Titiu But new times have come, and on Titiu there was a charming panda the Woman. Dinosourus has become sad, having thought, that friends have stopped loving it. And then […]

College Road Trip 2008 movie review

The college choice in which she will study, can become the most fascinating and unusual event in a life of the young girl, especially with such too careful daddy who, besides, is not ready to leave the precious daughter. In this family comedy, Melanie with impatience expects that moment when it will take the first […]

Kung Fu Panda Review

Panda Po – one of the laziest animals in the Peace Valley. But once danger starts to threaten paradise existence of the Valley: the powerful enemy has turned on it the look. Henceforth all hope for occurrence of the hero owning fighting arts that can banish the enemy. When On involuntarily gets on tournament of […]