X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 Trailer & Storyline

Film action begins in near future (2023). The program of “Guards” created by the Government of the USA for catching of mutants, has rebelled, when has started to find “sleeping” mutational genes and in usual people. Now the whole world lies in ruins, and the survived people and mutants contain in concentration camps. Unique who […]

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance HD Trailer

Action is developed on boondocks of the Eastern Europe where protagonist Johnny Blaze unsuccessfully tries to consult with the damnation. It is employed by a certain sect which tries to catch a devil while he tries to be installed in a body of its mortal son on birthday of the boy. [youtube]jt8lo3jEKBo[/youtube] The movie will […]

Thor Movie Description and Trailer

The epic adventure occurs both on our mother Earth, and in dream kingdom of gods of Asgarde. In the history centre — Mighty Torahs, strong, but the haughty soldier, whose reckless acts revive ancient war in Asgarde. A Torah exile to the Earth, deprive of forces and force to live among usual people as punishment. […]

Famous James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer

The marine with the paralysed feet goes to search for happiness on a planet of Pandora where earth dwellers extract natural minerals. He also does not assume that this completely not peace employment, and to extract minerals, it is necessary to kill planet indigenous population. But our hero with it does not agree. In roles: […]

Tooth Fairy (2010) Review and Trailer Video

Severe and furious hockey player Dereka Thompson often call «the Tooth fairy» – guess why. For the teeth beaten out on ice arena it does not give money to the contenders, and it is necessary, after all the real tooth fairies sharpen for a long time on it a tooth. [youtube]JqnjK79fGSw[/youtube]