Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Trailer and Review

Nice bachelor, who anything bad does not see in tearing with several women simultaneously on a multiport conference, can easily destroy wedding of the younger brother, but phantoms of its former thrown girlfriends decide to prevent it. They take it on teaching and cheerful journey through unfortunate relations to learn, that has transformed the protagonist […]

Review of Deception Movie 2008

Jonathan McQuarry does not live – it does not have girl, there is no family, friends, and only career moves it. Once having sat up late at office, it gets acquainted with charismatic and brisk young lawyer Wyatt Bose. They quickly find common language, and here Jonathan already in a night club in an environment […]

My Sassy Girl Review and Video Trailer

Charlie Bellow – the young and constraining pupil of college who never was in anybody is enamoured. His life sharply varies, when it helps beautiful girl Jordan to get out of a heavy sincere condition. In gratitude Jordan dares at engagement with Charlie which in turn even also does not represent, how many tests it […]

Review of Because I Said So 2007

Oh these mums! Unless they will calm down, yet will not arrange destiny of favorite children? Ellen – just from breed of such mothers. Two her oldest daughters have successfully married, and here at younger Milly with a family question is not glued in any way. Like both the clear head, and the beauty, and […]