In this hilarious comedy improbably ridiculous Owen Wilson plays Drillbit Taylor – the mercenary who has not taken place in the past, the expert-impostor on fighting arts. Three bothanics, dreaming to revenge the offenders – to a two school – for ridiculous money employ Drillbit as the bodyguard and receive exactly that, for what have paid. Drillbit takes this unlucky Trinity under the wing and starts to train ridiculous and absolutely mad methods. Finally the schoolboys who have had training preparation reject pressure of hooligans and become heroes of school!

To translate a proper name as Survival School is at least in an original way. But now, under the name it is similar to School of Villains, about Bills Bob Torton (there is enough taxi a mediocre film, by the way). And Wilson as the actor not strongly inspires the Hatch of trust.
As they say – all was against viewing, but the destiny, once again crookedly having grinned, having left your obedient the servant in a closed premise, only with this film on viewing.
Marvellously all has appeared not too badly – in a picture there is no such a shouting idiocy and repellent heroes/actors, as in Super Pepper. Even brother Wilson has remarkably played. In an interview scene, even I to it have believed, have so strongly entered into a role.
The scenario, predictably, has not presented any surprises and kept afloat at the expense of the original characters which lion’s share was made by persons, without a special residence. The events flavored with qualitative jokes developed, not less sample morals silently made the way, but to look from it it was not less interesting. Though, from director Niki: the Devil Younger – another also it was not expected.
Personal estimation 5 from 10. The quite good film, time spent on which will not be considered lost in vain.

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