Urmel voll in Fahrt review

Once professor Habakuk has found strange egg from which small dinosaur Ympy who was grown fond both people, and by animals … hatched on island Titiu But new times have come, and on Titiu there was a charming panda the Woman. Dinosourus has become sad, having thought, that friends have stopped loving it. And then […]

Impact Point 2008 Movie Review

The star of beach volleyball, the professional sportswoman, Kell Rejs, daily accepts calls of destiny and an underside of the glory – desperate competitions, press conferences, autographs-sessions. But its “training” has not rescued Kell from a meeting with it, mad stalker, giving out for the sports journalist. When the rising star becomes object of desire […]

Pistol Whipped Movie with Steven Seagal

The life of former police elite division Matt (Stephen Sigal) goes downhill. Bent for to alcohol, gamblings, gambling-debts – the fatal passions which are not issued from the fetters. But there is for the sake of what it still keeps afloat – his daughter and passionate desire to become more less decent father. And when […]

Solstice (2008) Movie Review

After Megan under mysterious circumstances loses sister-bliznjashku, it with friends goes to the parental house at lake a little to distract and observe the summer solstice, the traditional local phenomenon. It is said that during a solstice live it is the most easier to contact with the died. Intrigued with this news, Megan is inspired […]

College Road Trip 2008 movie review

The college choice in which she will study, can become the most fascinating and unusual event in a life of the young girl, especially with such too careful daddy who, besides, is not ready to leave the precious daughter. In this family comedy, Melanie with impatience expects that moment when it will take the first […]

Meet Bill 2008 movie review

Bill’s suddenly quiet life turns to hurricane of events which destroys everything that he achieved in the life. All begins that the wife changes to it with the known TV presenter. As consequence Bill loses interest to the perspective work in bank. It seems, that nothing can be changed to the best. But Bill does […]

Review of Hancock (2008) movie with Will Smith

There are heroes, there are superheroes, and there is Hancock. The possession superabilities assumes responsibility, all know it – except it. It undertakes any problem with soul and the best intentions, rescues lives of people – by inhuman destructions and an incalculable damage. Eventually, the patience of the public comes to an end: people are […]

Masters of Science Fiction Series Review

This movie is divided in to the series as follows: Chronicle the first: the Apocalypse After the world accident on the Earth the rehabilitation centres are created. Robert Havelmen suffers the heavy form of loss of memory. Seeing, that usual treatment does not render on the patient of due effect, its attending physician Diana Evans […]

Comedy Wieners Review 2008

When Joel became a public laughing-stock under hailstones of witty pricks of one of leaders of television show of “Doctor Dvejna”, it has run into serious melancholy. But not for nothing the strong friendship is appreciated above all. The best friends Wyatt and  Ben force persuade him to join travel on the country with certain […]

Sex and the City Movie Review

Carrie Bradshaw, the known writer and the author all a favorite fashionable newspaper column, comes back again, and its invariable self-irony and wit, probably, even became even brighter and more appreciable. She continues to tell the history about sex, love and other delights of a life an afflicted fashion of the unmarried woman of New […]

The Shepherd: Border Patrol Movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme

The former mercenaries of special division of the American armies develop the plan on import on territory of the USA of an enormous consignment of drugs. Inspired with a fast profit, they try to carry out a heroin transportation through the Mexican border. And unique who rises at, them on a way is a patrolman […]

The Savages 2007 Movie Review

The last, that the brother and sister Sevedzhi in the life would like to make – to look back on the past. Playwright Wend Sevedzh spends time in dispatch of petitions for financial support of its work, larceny of a stationery and a love intrigue with very married the neighbour. The professor of college John […]

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

Desperately need of the money, two brothers develop an ideal robbery. Without the weapon, without victims, without problems. But when their accomplice breaks rules and crosses line, consequences of its actions is destructive affect lives of got mixed up people all anyhow in it. [youtube]8Jhrxn7QVDc[/youtube]

Iron Man Review

To survive after accident ingenious engineer Toni Stark it is compelled to create to itself a special suit for life maintenance. Soon he decides to use the suit stuffed with the newest technologies for struggle against criminality. Who in the childhood did not read comics? I did not read. Only once, when laid in hospital, […]

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

1957, heat of cold war. The Soviet soldiers headed by agent Shpalko, abduct Marion – an old beloved of Indiana of Johns, putting the professor before a choice: inactivity and death Marion or the help to the Soviet investigation in search of a legendary Crystal skull in exchange for freedom of the woman. [youtube]lPTJ4v6KPrg[/youtube]

Review of Because I Said So 2007

Oh these mums! Unless they will calm down, yet will not arrange destiny of favorite children? Ellen – just from breed of such mothers. Two her oldest daughters have successfully married, and here at younger Milly with a family question is not glued in any way. Like both the clear head, and the beauty, and […]

Review of Nobel Son

In the plot centre – history of American scientist-chemist Ilaja which is going to go to Stockholm behind the Nobel Prize awarded to it together with wife Saroj, the known judicial psychiatrist, and son Barkli, the unlucky writer. However certain Tadeus which considers itself as son Ilaja, abducts Barkley with hope to take a place […]

Get Smart 2008

Confidential agent Maksvell the Smart receives the task to neutralise the criminal grouping known under the code name “CHAOS”. In a tandem with terribly beautiful girl, the Agent 99, using absolutely small operational experience and still a smaller stock of time, the Smart should neutralise independently “CHAOS” if he wants that tomorrow has come.

The Love Guru

Peter, brought up by numerous gurus out of native culture the American, comes back in States in hope to become the popular psychotherapist. The difficult case with the professional hockey player from whom the wife has left to the athlete becomes the first call to its abilities.

Movie – Reservation Road Review

The Promotion movie review

Two workers of an average level of the Chicago supermarket, Doug and Richard, enter ruthless fight for desired increase. Before they did not have anything of the general but after both have appeared in this “competition”, they understand, that methods which they will use for purpose achievement, will be same – dirty and low.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

The XX-th century beginning. Ireland is captured by excitements and desperate struggle for independence. The British parts urged to suppress revolt at any cost. Young doctor Demien goes to London where it is waited by a good place, but on platform sees, how the British soldier beats the conductor. Revolted to depth of soul, Damian […]

First Snow the movie

After a road accident, Jim Manson starts to visit spiritualistic sessions. Once, the foreteller refuses to continue a session because of terrible scenes in its visions. Thinking, that it only a part of the program conceived by the foreteller, Jim does not insist on continuation. But what its surprise when all these visions have started […]

Homo Erectus Comedy Review

The misfortune in the form of the Neanderthal man-philosopher by name of Yshbo has fallen down a head of a happy cave tribe! Well, it is not sat to it easy in a cave and bustle for a mammoth at all does not inspire. Yshbo dreams of a civilisation which, however, represents rather vaguely. However […]


Journalist Ljudo who has obtained eight months of prison, is released on a trial period. It should fulfil three hundred hours per a local kindergarten where Anna again enters into his life – the old acquaintance whom Ljudo lifted up at school. The girl decides to shape from the brawler of the exemplary family man.

The Happening Movie

Across Philadelphia goes a wave of inexplicable, unmotivated suicides. There passes hearing, that, probably, it is a virus, and people are closed in the houses, but already too late. Automobile movement is interrupted by uncountable failures – cars run into trees or break from road, their drivers go mad and die. With a head shipped […]

The Incredible Hulk Review

Bruce Banner has left on a bottom, preferring not to be shone and search for antidote from the illness. But dogs of the war, dreaming to catch such improbable weapon in the hands, do not wish to leave him alone, having spat on expectations Bruce to while away a century with the unique woman whom […]

Kung Fu Panda Review

Panda Po – one of the laziest animals in the Peace Valley. But once danger starts to threaten paradise existence of the Valley: the powerful enemy has turned on it the look. Henceforth all hope for occurrence of the hero owning fighting arts that can banish the enemy. When On involuntarily gets on tournament of […]