The State Within – one of the best television films which have been removed by broadcasting company BBC during the last years. An opening scene – very realistic wreck of the air liner flying to London. Our hero – sir Mark Brajdon, the unperturbable British ambassador in Washington. Mark not only should settle the international political crisis, but also on a private experience to learn that people from the Governments of the USA and Great Britain to which he trusted, are capable of any meanness and do not shun a human life. The plot difficult, but it favourably distinguishes a film from variety of the thrillers-blockbusters which have left on the big screens in the USA. It is especially delightful it is played small, but key for a plot the role of the Minister of Defence of the USA – it has played the American teleactress Sheron Gless, having presented us character of improbable force, depth and attractiveness.