Film action begins in near future (2023). The program of “Guards” created by the Government of the USA for catching of mutants, has rebelled, when has started to find “sleeping” mutational genes and in usual people. Now the whole world lies in ruins, and the survived people and mutants contain in concentration camps. Unique who continue to resist to Guards, are People of X among whom remained the Person-ice, the Colossus, Warpath, Blink, Sanspot, Professor X, the Glutton, Magneto, the Storm, the Illusive Cat and Bishop. They constantly migrate from the bunker to the bunker as Guards find them sooner or later. Kitty Pryde has opened in itself ability to “move” reason in the past thanks to what mutants learn about time of spot-check and have time to run away. But after spot-check in Moscow to recede remains there is no place.

Professor X, Glutton, Magneto and the Storm arrive to China in search of the taken cover mutants. A colossus, Warpath and all the others also appear in live. Their plan consists in sending Charles per 1973, not to allow to kill the Mystic— founder. This murder has caused the followed events because the Mystic has not had time to run away, and on the basis of taken from it DNA the component which is giving the chance to Guards under any enemy has been created. However in time it is possible to send only the Glutton thanking its curing factor. Other mutants remain in a monastery. Xavier and Magneto ask the Glutton to unite them and not to allow to launch war.


It having appeared in 1973, Logan finally reaches the thrown private residence, once were school for mutants of Xavier. There the glutton enters short fight with Hank. Developed a preparation allowing it to look as the person, and Xavier — to go, suppressing thus super forces. Having found Charles, Logan tells to it about the future and convinces to unbind Magneto located under the Pentagon. Eric, in turn, has been arrested for murder of US president John Kennedy. Logan, Charles and Hank address for the help to Peter, the young mutant possessing in the super speed, and ask it to help to release Magneto. In the meantime Trask demands from the government of financing of its program of “Guards”, however to it refuse. At the same time the Mystic rescues the Toad, Havok, Inka and Soldering from William Stryker and finds Trask.

In the Pentagon the Glutton, Charles, the Animal and Mercury rescue Magneto, preliminary having overcome protection. Aboard between Xavier and Eric dispute that both of them have betrayed each other is fastened and have allowed to be lost to many friends (to Banshi, Emma Frost, Salvatore, Azazel), without having kept the future. Having arrived to Paris, the Mystic tries to kill Trask, but Striker will neutralize it. During the same moment there are People of X, and Magneto tries to kill Reven that she for certain could not do more than anything, but the Animal in fury attacks it. Eric hardly beats off from Hank, and the Mystic escapes. The glutton sees Striker, because of it at it slip memoirs about its last (Striker has made experiment with Logan, having erased it memory and having covered a skeleton adamantium). Logan gets out of hand in both time similarity and will casually wound Kitty, paternal it is heavier to it to hold contact of two times. Stryker, in turn, also has become interested in Logan, having seen its claws.

President Nixon agrees to financing of the program of “Guards” and arranges demonstration in Washington. Megneto rushes into a building of “Trask Industries”, steals drawings of robots and alters them onboard a train going to Washington, equipping with metal. In the meantime Charles and Logan come back in a private residence where Xavier all the same endows the possibility to go to advantage of telepathy. Using Serebro, Charles contacts by itself of the future. Old Xavier asks young itself «to give them hope again».

Glutton, Xavier and the Animal arrive to Washington not to allow to kill the Mystic on presentation of Guards. The altered robots start to attack public. Nixon and Trask pursued disguised under security guard the Mystic, go to a refuge. Eric pulls out from the earth Robert Kennedy Memorial Stadium and puts it round the White House. Under its control all Guards, except one which, following the initial program, chases Logan and Hank. The glutton engages with Magneto, however Eric throws out it in lake and heats there. Now heroes of the past for itself. In the turn, in 2023 People of X conduct fight to the death with much more powerful versions of the Guards which nevertheless have found their refuge. During this fight the majority of mutants perishes. In 1973 Magneto, having rolled stadium cameras, is going to kill people from a refuge and to declare to people war, but the Mystic will wound it and directs a pistol on Trask. Charles manages to convince it not to kill it, and she throws a pistol on the earth. In 2023 of Guards are going to kill last People of X, but the future changes, and all disappears. In the past Charles gives Mystic and Magneto to leave.

Logan wakes up at school for mutants and finds out that all People of X, including Ororo of Monroe, Gin Heat also Scott Summers, have survived. But that there was with Sanspot, Blink, Warpath and Bishop it is not known … It means that the history since 1973 has moved on other way. Charles says to the Glutton that they still need to make up for much. In 1973 the Mystic, having accepted shape of Striker, pulls out Logan from water.

In an additional scene after a caption the crowd which scans «En Sabah Nur» before a mutant building a pyramid is shown. It is the Apocalypse — the most ancient and improbably strong mutant. And that the crowd — his name cries out. Near it it is possible to see four people astride horses. They are four horsemen of the Apocalypse — War, Mor, Hunger and Death.